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Frequently Asked Questions



1) Are students required to know how to play an instrument to join?


Absolutely NOT! If a child has experience, this will be a plus as he or she learns to play a band instrument. However, the vast majority of students who join the 6th Grade Band do not know how to play an instrument and have little to no musical experience.


2) When does my student pick their instrument?


Instrument fittings take place on May 20th from 4:00-8:00 PM at McHenry High School West Campus. You and your student will meet with a band teacher who will help them determine which instrument is the best fit for them!


3) How do I get an instrument fitting appointment for my student to pick their instrument?


Fill out the google form that is also included on this page. If you are unavailable on May 20th you should contact Mrs. Paul or Mr. Berens directly via email.


4) Do students have to audition to be in the band?


Nope! While band is designed to challenge students and help them grow into young musicians, it is also designed to be accessible to all students, regardless of prior knowledge or ability.


5) Does band ever meet after school?


Students will only be asked to stay after school for band activities if they decide to participate in extra organizations or activities.


6) How do students acquire an instrument and other materials?


We will have an instrument rental company present at our instrument trial where you can sign up for a contract and get all of the necessary materials for band.



Don't hesitate to contact the band director at the middle school your child will be attending:


Mrs. Leslie Paul, the band director at MMS.
 Email (preferred):, Phone: 815-385-2522x6035, website:



Mr. Kyle Berens, the band director at Parkland.
 Email (preferred):, Phone: 815-385-8810 x6810,