Incoming Students

Congratulations on your continued progress in your music education!


As you prepare to enter high school, it is important to know that there is a place for YOU at MCHS to continue to pursue your love of music! Students who enroll in band class not only get to continue to make music throughout high school, but they also demonstrate long-term commitment throughout high school- a factor that enhances their college applications.


With three curricular concert band classes, two curricular jazz classes, percussion class,  marching band, pep band, and pit orchestra, the MCHS band program truly offers something for everyone! These different ensembles perform at various school, community, state, and national events. The band program offers you the opportunity to perform many different musical genres in a variety of outstanding settings!


Frequently Asked Questions



1.   How often does band meet at MCHS?


The concert ensembles (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble) are curricular classes that meet every day one full period just like other academic classes. Jazz Band and Jazz Ensemble will meet before school and will be offered as an early bird class. There are occasional after-school rehearsals for Jazz Band/Jazz Ensemble and Wind Ensemble.


2.   What concert ensemble will I enroll in as a freshman? 


All freshmen should initially enroll in Concert Band during registration with their counselor.


3.   Do I need to be in Concert Band in order to be in Jazz Band? 


Yes, you will need to enroll in Concert Band in order to be in Jazz Band. Pianists and guitar players, however, are exempt from this requirement.


4.   Do I have to audition as a Freshman? 


Auditions are not required for enrollment in Concert Band.

5.   How many after-school events will I be involved with? 


The concert bands typically perform one concert per quarter for a total of four each year. The majority of dress rehearsals occur during your regularly scheduled band class. Occasionally, there are additional performances (music festivals) which students will know about as soon as information is available.



6.   Can I still take an academically rigorous schedule and be in band? 


Absolutely! Many of our students in our band program take multiple AP and Honors classes as well as band during the school day.



7.    Can I participate in sports and still be in music? 


Yes, there are many athletes (Freshmen through Varsity levels) involved in the music program at MCHS. Because music is a class during the school day, the music and sports schedules rarely overlap. If they do, the teacher and coach will work together to help resolve the conflict.


8.   Where does Concert Band take place? 


Concert Band takes place at the Freshman Campus. 



9.   Are there opportunities outside of the school day for me to get more involved in the band program?


Yes, we have the Marching Warriors that practice and perform from the beginning of August through the middle of October. Marching Band rehearses two days a week outside of school and has performances at football games. We also have a pit orchestra that performs for our musical every year and a pep band that plays at home basketball games.

10. How can I prepare for high school band? 

Take private lessons. Here are the testimonials of students who have taken private lessons.